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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Only the Best!

My apologies for the last post.  Today, it is back to your usual viewing pleasure. 

There was a job I really wanted.  It was a Residence Director (RD) position at Juilliard.  I knew it was the longest of all long shots, but I still threw my name into the hat.  I didn’t get it.  There are others out there, and I have an acquaintance from church who has been randomly forwarding RD jobs as she comes across them to my dad, who has been forwarding them to me.  Frantically, I’ve been sending out resumes and cover letters to any institution in a location I could see myself living in. 

I think that is crucial to finding that great first job – don’t settle.  Rather than just blindly send out resumes and hoping I get anyone to bite, I am being highly selective in where I apply to.  At this point, I am only sending out resumes and applications to schools I actually want to work for, in locations I want to live in.  That way, when I finally get a bite and hopefully a job offer, I can say that I did not settle – I got a great job in a perfect location.  This may sound limiting, but really, there are few places I don’t want to live, so my options are pretty wide open.  My top choices of locations are Boston, New York, New Orleans, California, Florida, Pennsylvania (in no particular order).  But I would be ok with Rhode Island, Maine, Oregon, Washington DC, Washington State, Virginia, Tennessee, even New Hampshire.  There are a lot of great colleges and universities out there, and even though I can’t be too picky (my lack of a Masters does limit me a bit), I refuse to settle.  

So, there ya go, kiddoes.  Advice from someone who gets it, but just has trouble implementing it…

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