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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Let's go to the Movies...

            The movie theatre is an interesting place.  I almost feel bad for working so hard, but hey, I’m a perfectionist.  I also hate being bored. 
            Lately, I’ve been wondering if Student Affairs truly is the next step.  So far, I’m pretty content at the movie theatre.  But I don’t want this to be all there is for me.  I don’t want my four years of college to be in vain.  I love history, but is it really what I want to continue in?  I’m too old to try and be an actress, and my voice is slowly deteriorating after years of neglect.  So what, then?  Since I’m not young, pretty or thin enough to be a trophy wife, my options are fairly limited.  Maybe I should take this year to get in shape and find me a sugar daddy?  You think I kid.  Laugh’s on you…
            I have pretty much mastered the box office, and am mostly good with concession.  In fact, one woman asked me if I was really in training like my nametag said.  Because, she said, I was “already a pro.”  Great.  A “pro” at Lebanon, NH Entertainment Cinemas.  Actually, I’m pretty proud of how quickly I’ve picked up the job and have started to get to know everyone here.
            But, the thing is… I don’t want to work in Entertainment Cinemas.  I want to work in The Majestic theatre, or something like it.
            I have prided myself on being a rational woman who understands fiction vs. reality.  But, see, my reality (or understanding of reality) was shaped from an early age by movies.  It’s why I love watching movies, studying them, writing about them.  Hell, my dad and I have been known to have entire conversations in movie lines.  So, if I were to guess, I’d say that movies are somewhere in the next step – but what is their role?  What am I supposed to do with that?

            In related shameless plug, check out my other fabulous blog, 365, in which I watch a movie a day for a whole year and write about it, all the while trying to figure out the next step…

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