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Saturday, May 12, 2012

By the Numbers

So, after two days at the movie theatre, I can tell you this: it is all about numbers.  At the start of your shift, you make a list of things that need to be stocked (bottled drinks, cups, popcorn bags, candy, etc.).  Then you put the list in a laundry basket and bring it upstairs where everything is stored.  It gets filled and brought down to you.  Then you count everything – cups, bags, drinks; everything.  You write it on your inventory sheet and put it all away.  There must be four in front and back of the candies in the counter.  There must be six of each soda in a row, five of each vitamin water.  Then, after a turn, you take stock and do it all over again.  At the end of the night, you count everything so they can compare what is there to what sold – including every cup, popcorn bag, etc.  So, when a customer asks for a cup so share their drink with their friend, the answer is: “sorry, it’s inventoried”. 

I always knew movies were all about numbers, I just didn’t realize how every aspect of them are…

The people I work with are an interesting bunch.  The girl that has trained me the past two days is young enough to be my daughter.  She pays attention to detail when she wants to – she does make sure everything is counted and matches up, but doesn’t run the water through the popcorn machine enough at the end of the night.  Heaven forbid work cuts into play time.  There’s the adorable girl in pigtails, who happens to be def, but rocks the concession stand like it’s nobody’s business.  There’s the quiet girl who ushers that everyone kind of forgets about (that would have been me at her age).  The guys are… well, guys.  I’m surprised there aren’t more nerdy film dudes.  They probably work at the Nugget.  I work at the ghetto theatre.  

It has been an exhausting but fun couple of days.  I have to say, I’m pretty proud with how I just jumped right in; still reserved, but not afraid to try.  I used to be the super quiet, wait until I’m given something, trainee.  Now, I jump in, ask what needs to be done, and have already impressed my bosses.  They want to cross train me on box office and give me more hours.  Gotta say it: what a difference three years with ResLife can make.

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