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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fly Like... Oh.

It’s been just over a week since I left Keene State, and I am bored.  I am bored with my job already, I am bored with nothing to do, I am bored… just. Bored.  I have been watching Nostalgia Critic, reading erotic stories (might actually try writing one, why not, right?), playing Sims 3, and pretty much just sitting on my ass.  Which is all well and good for a few days, but my GOD. 

The other day, while I was working in the movie theatre, a bird got in.  When two of the other employees chased the bird out of the theatre it was in, it swooped through the lobby, and smacked into the glass window.  While pigtail girl went into the bathroom and cried her eyes out and the manager and the cute ginger boy took the bird out to the sidewalk to see if it would come to and fly away. (It didn’t).  I was put on popcorn duty.  I stood in front of the popcorn monster and watched it belch put popped kernel after popped kernel, and thought to myself “I hope that bird was not a sign of my future.”  The movie theatre is fine for a temporary gig, a placeholder until I can find something I really want to do, a paycheck with the awesome benefits of a summer of fantastic movies.  But I don’t want to get trapped and die there.

So… To the interwebs to figure out the next step!

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