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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Have a Little Faith...

Today was Children’s Sunday at my church.  The kids lead us in worship and play music and usually put on a little skit or two.  It is always moving and always entertaining, and this year was no exception.  The little babies I used to babysit or watch over on Sunday mornings in the nursery are all grown up, full of talent, and genuinely like taking part in church stuff.  It is a beautiful sight to behold.

My niece got to help take the offertory this year, which was awesome to see.  She also had a letter she read to kids in Zimbabwe that the Sunday School is sponsoring, and helped to teach some sign language to the congregation.  I am such a proud Auntie.

There have been a few schools that I have applied to, two of which are private, Catholic schools.  Honestly?  I hope I get one of those.  I need a little daily faith in my life, and if I got a job working for a non-religious private school or a state school, I fear it would be hard to find.  The past few weeks, I have been scheduled on Sunday mornings, so I have to leave church early to get to work, and I have hated having to do that.  I finally got it set so that I go in for the afternoon shift, and I am so grateful. 

I am not usually one to go on and on about my faith or my religious beliefs, mostly because it is all very personal, and something that is difficult for me to explain properly.  But because in this day and age, as soon as you tell someone you go to church or are spiritual or religious, there is a connotation that goes along with that.  A lot of people are afraid I’ll start preaching at them or that I’m one of the “scary” fundies whose beliefs are extreme.  Or they’ll assume that I’m the same as them when it comes to religion, and the expectations are high.  Especially when it’s discovered my father is a minister.

But see, I’m human just like everyone else.  My beliefs and values are all mine – nothing has been forced down my throat – I was given the choice to run my spiritual life in a way that suits me.  I was taught to question and seek out the answers on my own terms.  Not everyone is given that gift, but I was.  So, I continue along with my life, struggling with my faith and my beliefs and my values, striving to be a better person every single day

And then I have days like today, when I see such talented, giving, caring and loving kids eagerly helping to run the church service, eager to share their talents with their church family.  My faith is restored, and I feel the good; the cynicism gets set aside for a little while, and the quest to be a better person no longer feels like a burden, but motivation.

So, today when I am at a job I like, but don’t feel passionate about, and when I think snarky things about people; when I feel like there is no hope for myself or the human race, I will hold in my heart the image of a handful of kids who are truly amazing, and I will make it through the day.

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