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Friday, July 6, 2012


Yesterday, the incoming class of 2016 at Keene State College found out where they will be living this year.  I randomly started crying over this fact, because I miss it.  I miss the anticipation of finding out who my residents are, I miss being able to giggle with my fellow RAs at how adorably clueless the Freshmen are, I miss ResLife.  I applied for another job, and really hope something comes through for me.  If not, I am looking for grad school again.  Because this is my path.  I miss being in a college setting, being a mentor and role model for college students.  I miss being a part of something big and special. 

The movie theatre is fun and all, but it lacks the meaning a career in student affairs can give me.  I got all excited at the prospect of organizing a staff bonding activity (like Cosmic Bowling or something), and joked around that I really need to find a ResLife job, but I was only half joking.  I know I’ve been questioning my future and my path, but it was right here all along.  I know the path, I just need to know how to get there, I guess. 

So, I will pick back up on my grad school searching, and really take advantage of my resources.  It is overwhelming, but at least I will be able to focus on the grad school applications without any distractions this time. 


ACUHO-I STARS College Class of 2011.  These are my people, and I can't wait to join them in the field!

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