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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Potential Light?

So, lately it seems like I’ve just been floating, with no real direction or purpose.  I’m now a supervisor at the movie theatre, which is both exciting and terrifying.  I don’t want to stay there forever, and while I know that isn’t going to be the case, it feels like it could happen.

I checked my email yesterday, and got my daily job search agent email from  Included in the list of openings was a position I had previously submitted my resume for.

See, in March I came across this posting for Wagner College in Staten Island, NY.  I fell in love with their ResLife program, and applied.  About a month later, I got an email from them telling me they had anticipated openings, but nothing for sure, and would I be interested in applying for an assistant RD position?  Unfortunately, I would have to be a current grad school student there to qualify, and they don’t offer the program I was looking for.  So, I politely declined, and was put back in the RD pool.  In May, I contacted them again to inquire about the status of my application.  They didn’t have any openings at that time, either, but told me to check back in June.  Since I didn’t see the listing on pop up in June, I assumed they did not have any openings, and figured I’d apply next year if something comes up.  Well, now something has come up, so I emailed the woman I’d been corresponding with.  She told me to resend my resume so they could add me to the pool, and to do so quickly because they are conducting phone interviews this week.  An hour later, my re-tweaked resume and copy of my original cover letter were on their way to her.  Now, I wait and keep my fingers crossed.

Wagner was the school I really, really wanted to work for.  Their ResLife program is incredible, the campus is lovely (from what I’ve seen on the website and heard from people who have been there), and the proximity to NYC can’t be beat.  I am excited and terrified about the prospect of an interview.  This is an incredible opportunity, so I don’t want to completely blow it in the interview.  So, please send some positive energy this way – I would give anything to be headed to NY in the next few weeks! 

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  1. Good luck lady! You're gonna do GREAT! =] Things happen for a reason. Keep your head up!